Going Beyond Typical Convenience Food Starting from a Pinch of Specialness


Launched at the end of 2022, the new brand Cootiq adds a special touch to ordinary convenience food, making consumers' meal times more meaningful.



Introducing a New Category Beyond Ordinary Food

Cootiq is aligned with the 'Snacking' trend. Cootiq represents a food culture of convenient yet satisfying meals. It differentiates itself through unique cooking methods and ingredients, allowing consumers to easily and efficiently enjoy delicious menus. From the first-ever pre-cooked dried noodles in Korea enriched with deep, restaurant-like sauces, to a variety of menus featuring special ingredients that elevate Cootiq's unique flavors, the brand combines Korean comfort food with an exotic 'difference.' Cootiq stands as the flagship brand that embodies the creative convergence which is central to the new changes in Samyang Roundsquare.

The Era of Respecting Spicy Preferences! Unveiling Samyang's New World of Spiciness


Like wine and coffee, could there not be diversity and individual preference in spiciness as well? Introducing 'Meptaeng,' a spicy soup ramen ambitiously unveiled in 2023, created through Samyang's unique approach to researching and developing a world of Colorful Spicy.



Spicy Pentagon™, Addressing Types and Intensity of Spiciness

In the conventional spicy ramen market that only differentiated levels of heat, Samyang, the expert in spicy flavors, reached a new dimension of contemplation. Could the level of spiciness one desires vary depending on the situation and emotions? Fiery spiciness, tangy spiciness, clean spiciness... Meptaeng not only stimulates the tongue but also explores various flavors of spiciness through a range of ingredients. This well-balanced blend encapsulates Samyang's continuous quest for innovation, as we aim to pioneer new terrains in the food industry.

A Taste Close to Nature as Boundless as the Expansive Green Fields


Located at Samyang Roundhill (Samyang Farm), a place filled with Samyang Roundsquare's spirit of challenge and pride. Ornic is a premium dairy brand crafted from the gift provided by Asia's largest grassland farm. We create wholesome flavors from the raw milk nurtured in a clean environment, and through these flavors, aim to rekindle an appreciation for the value of the environment.


An Organic Brand That Elevates a Pristine Environment

The name "Ornic" embodies our ambition: to ascend through the journey in Samyang Farm in Daegwallyeong and get as close as possible to what is naturally 'Organic.' Originating from healthy cows that roam freely on Asia's largest scale of pasture located in a pollution-free high-altitude area, Ornic is completed by providing organic raw milk that suits the modern lifestyle. Our first product, 'Ornic Organic Icelandic Yogurt,' maximizes the taste and nutritional value of yogurt by triple-concentrating organic raw milk collected solely from Samyang Farm.


Created with packaging that contributes to forest conservation, it also received FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, affirming its sustainability. Starting from Daegwallyeong and filled with its natural abundance, Ornic reminds those who encounter our products of nature. Prompting consideration of the value of the environment, it presents sustainability as 'Food for Thought.'

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