Buldak Ramen

The Product of Bold Challenges and Endless Research, The Birth of K-Spicy!

Buldak Ramen

A spicy ramen experience beyond imagination. Through relentless research based on food culture trends, the Buldak Ramen series has succeeded in capturing not only domestic but also global taste buds. Ten years since its launch, it has broken records with cumulative sales surpassing 4 billion units, truly showing the world what spicy taste is.


For Those Who Love the Fiery Taste

Since the introduction of chili peppers to the Korean Peninsula, Korean food culture has developed alongside the 'red flavor.' In 2011, a more intense spicy taste was trending among the youth in Korea. At that time, Vice President Kim Jungsoo drew inspiration for a new product from a Buldak restaurant in Myeong-dong, which was crowded with people seeking thrilling flavors. Buldak Ramen originated from a careful understanding of the 'Round' values that Samyang Roundsquare emphasizes: consumer food preferences and trends.


Intensive Research Involving 2 Tons of Seasoning

The mission for the new product development seemed paradoxical at first glance, creating a "healthy and delicious spicy flavor." To accomplish this challenging task, we meticulously analyzed seasonings from across the nation, famous spicy foods, and chili peppers from around the world. We were the first in the domestic ramen industry to introduce the Scoville Scale, quantifying the spiciness by measuring the concentration of capsaicin in peppers. After over a year of development, involving the use of 1,200 chickens and 2 tons of seasoning to find the optimal spiciness, Buldak Ramen was finally born in 2012, boasting a Scoville index of 4,404. In this relentless development journey, you can see Samyang's indomitable will toward innovation.


From 'Food' to 'Global Entertainment,' The Journey of Buldak Ramen

While Samyang Foods redefined delicious spiciness with Buldak Ramen, it was consumers worldwide who turned it into a mega-hit product. Especially from 2014, the 'Fire Noodle Challenge,' spontaneously promoted by international consumers on YouTube, turned Buldak Ramen into a symbol of K-Spicy. Through synergy with numerous proactive consumers, Buldak Ramen shook the paradigm, evolving from a means of dining to an item of play, and from a consumer good to a cultural good. The progressive partnership between Buldak Ramen and its consumers is still ongoing. With the introduction of products that combine various global food cultures, such as Carbonara, Yakisoba, and Jalapeño, Buldak Ramen is creating a virtuous cycle of being chosen by an increasingly global consumer base.

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