Star Popeye / Changgu / Corn Snack

Chacharoni / Assorted Vegetable Ramen/ Nagasaki Jjambbong

The Sweet Taste of Comfort, Celebrating 50 Years of Samyang's Snacks

Star Popeye / Changgu / Corn Snack

Samyang Roundsquare, with its long history and heritage, is home to longstanding snacks that have eased small hungers in people's everyday lives. Sometimes providing sweet comfort and at other times offering innovative flavors, Star Popeye, Changgu, and Corn Snack have consistently been a delightful presence in people's mouths.



Humanism Gave Birth to Star Popeye

The late Chairman Jeon Jung-yoon ventured into the ramen business to satiate the hunger of the populace. However, faced with a severe national food crisis, children were left with no choice but to quell their hunger with ramen remnants. Launched in 1972, 'Star Popeye' encapsulates the founder's compassion for hungry children and embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Samyang Roundsquare, making it the brand's longest-running snack.


Innovative Snacks, Changgu and Corn Snack

Committed to research and development for better products from early on, Samyang established an integrated Food Research Center in 1971. Changgu merges the delightful eating experience of its ring shape with new elements like roasted sesame seeds enriched with DHA. Corn Snack, a Korean-style soft popcorn, is crafted from corn and offers a smooth texture that effortlessly melts in your mouth. Both Changgu and Corn Snack continue to receive much love for providing consumers with taste and joy.

Ramen, But Not Your Typical Ramen! The First and the Best Ramens by Samyang

Chacharoni / Assorted Vegetable Ramen/ Nagasaki Jjambbong

Samyang Roundsquare, the creator of South Korea's first ramen, has walked a unique path that no other ramen company has ventured on, thanks to its unparalleled prowess. Samyang's steady-sellers—Chacharoni, Assorted Vegetable Ramen, and Nagasaki Jjambbong—have shaken the conventional mold of ramen and pioneered an unconventional new direction for the dish.


When China's Jjajang Meets Japan's Jjamppong in Ramen

In March 1970, a time when jjajangmyeon was not easily accessible for the common people, Samyang Roundsquare introduced Korea's first Jjajang Ramen to the world. After extensive research to preserve the original taste of jjajang, the company developed a liquid jjajang soup that didn't require additional water, and combined it with ramen to release a product at just one-fifth the price of traditional jjajangmyeon. Launched in April 1985, the current Chacharoni has succeeded the original Jjajang Ramen and has been a mainstay product for over 40 years, enjoying the support of consumers.


In July 2011, forty years after Jjajang Ramen, Nagasaki Jjambbong was launched, combining the white jjambbong from Japan's Nagasaki region with Korean ramen. To adapt the Japanese dish to Korean palates, a white but spicy jjambbong ramen was created using a rich pork bone broth with added bok choy and Cheongyang peppers. Nagasaki Jjambbong injected new life into the ramen market when it surpassed 100 million units in cumulative sales in January 2012. The original Jjajang Ramen, Chacharoni, and Nagasaki Jjambbong have opened the path for Samyang products to be loved globally, thanks to Roundsquare's innovative concept of blending Korean ramen with international dishes.


Breaking the Mold with "Assorted Vegetable Ramen"

While there are plenty of MSG-free ramens available today, there was once a time when ramen and MSG were thought to be inseparable. In 2006, under the leadership of then-Vice President Kim Jungsoo, the New Product Development Committee took on the mission to create a 'ramen that is tastier than existing ones but without MSG.' The team added around 60 health-conscious ingredients. Interestingly, while the broth was meat-based, the ramen was formulated to also offer a deep seafood flavor. The packaging broke away from clichés. Instead of the usual pictures of the cooked dish, the innovative package featured images of ingredients set against a white background. The sales approach was also different. For the first time in the ramen industry, a tiered pricing system was introduced, offering discounts based on the quantity purchased, causing a stir in the market. By shifting perspectives and accomplishing the once-unthinkable task of removing MSG, "Assorted Vegetable Ramen" was born. True to its name, it offers a paradoxically delicious flavor. The ramen continues to be loved to this day, embodying the values of challenge and innovation that Samyang strives for.

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