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Entrepreneurial Spirit and the Science of the Age Gave Birth to South Korea's First Ramen

Samyang Ramen

The Very First Ramen to Open South Korea's Ramen Industry. Born to address the hunger of the Korean people, and continuing to this day due to the love from the people, Samyang Ramen celebrates its 60th anniversary in September 2023 as an ongoing, long-lasting brand. Samyang Ramen encapsulates both the spiritual heritage of Samyang Roundsquare and the new values we are actively pursuing.


Coexistence in Harmony ‘The Entrepreneurial Spirit’

After the Korean War swept the land, it left behind severe food shortages and issues of poverty. The late Honorary Chairman Chun Joong-yoon, who was operating an insurance company at the time, chose to close down his thriving business to found a ramen company, aiming to solve the everyday crises facing ordinary people. He remained faithful to an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritizes fulfilling the company's responsibilities and roles as a member of society over mere practical concerns. His commitment was aligned with a rounded philosophy aimed at coexisting with people and pursuing collective happiness. In search of a solution to national hunger, he chose a path no one else had taken, leading to the birth of 'Samyang Ramen'.


Innovation Like a Square Staircase ‘The Advancement of Science'

The idea to venture into the ramen business by our founder was influenced by a socio-economic backdrop that made it easier to acquire wheat, a core ingredient for ramen. The increased availability of wheat in Korea at the time was because of a surplus in U.S. wheat production, which enabled the country to receive aid. This abundance of wheat in the U.S. was interconnected with various factors, including advances in transportation following the Industrial Revolution, the mechanization of agriculture, and the development of chemical fertilizers. The birth of ramen was made possible by advancements in science that contributed to the increased production of its core ingredient, wheat. This embodies the "square value" that Samyang Roundsquare seeks to uphold.


From the Beginning to Now, 'Food Sufficiency Leads to World Peace'

The founding spirit of 'Food Sufficiency Leads to World Peace(食足平天)' represents Samyang Roundsquare's spiritual legacy, which is to contribute to people's peaceful lives by resolving food-related issues. Born out of concerns for the common people who were suffering from a lack of food in the post-war era, the 'Food Sufficiency Leads to World Peace' philosophy of Samyang Ramen persists to this day, 60 years later. Now, it extends not only to satisfying physical hunger but also to filling emotional hunger, in alignment with Samyang's key products.

A Frontier of Infinite Possibilities

Samyang Roundhill (Samyang Farm)

Spread across 6 million pyeong of pastureland in the rugged highlands of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range. Samyang Roundhill is not only a landmark of Daegwallyeong but also the largest eco-friendly farm in South Korea and Asia. Samyang Roundhill today represents a fusion of livestock, pristine nature, and eco-friendly energy, embodying the Samyang spirit of turning the impossible into the possible.


A Tenacious Decade, Square the Circle

The Daegwallyeong site where Samyang Farm was established was initially a vast primeval forest. Although challenges were expected, we took the first step guided by the founding philosophy, "Human life may last a hundred years, but one should plan for a thousand years" (Live for a Century, Plan for a Millennium). The path we followed was driven by a sense of mission and long-term vision to raise livestock as a source of protein to provide more nutritious food to commoners, even if it didn't yield immediate profits. The aim was also to pass on a well-preserved environment and food resources to future generations. From 1972, over a decade, we cleared the land densely packed with native vines, sowed the seeds for pastures, and built livestock barns. Much like Samyang Roundsquare's slogan, "Square the Circle," we have endlessly challenged the norms, turned impossibilities into possibilities, and thus have written a history of making the possible.


Nature's Round, Science's Square

Samyang Farm, with its diverse animals roaming expansive pastures and massive wind turbines in operation, presents a landscape that evokes both awe and comfort. It also embodies the integrated concept of 'Round and Square.' From its early days, Samyang Roundhill has focused on the technological advancement of livestock farming by incorporating scientific methods. In 1979, we entered into a technology partnership with Kaneshon, a leading U.S. company in livestock farming, to accelerate the development of high-quality dairy cattle suitable for Korean conditions. These improved breeds were subsequently distributed to our local farmers.


These healthily raised livestock resources are being used as ingredients in various Samyang products, in line with our 'Round' approach to provide better food and culinary culture to consumers. Additionally, based on the area's natural gifts, we implemented energy technology. As a result, dozens of wind turbines at Samyang Roundhill are now producing clean energy.

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